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Photographs reproduced here
taken in and around the
Albury-Wodonga region.

Image of an approaching storm
Black clouds approaching from the west

Image of early morning mist on the hills in spring
Spring mists rising from the fields, early morning

Image of the dry summer hills
The same hills late summer

Image of hail covering the ground like snow
Hail stones after a storm turning everything white...

Image of the edge of a storm
The trailing edge of a storm, late afternoon

Photographs courtesy KathyW.

The Weather

Real-time weather data

(what the local weather is NOW!)

Weather Forecasts and Reports

(what the weather has been and might do tomorrow!)

Latest satellite images and weather charts:

(The icon images shown below are indicators of type only, they do not indicate current conditions. Select the appropriate link to get the current information. If the time stamp (in UTC, please see note*) seems wrong, "reload" the page in case you are pulling the image from your local cache.)

Infrared Satellite Images

Infrared light satellite images - false colour Artificially coloured infrared images from James Cook University. James Cook University also make available a small animated gif of current developments.

Infrared light satellite images - monochrome Monochrome (black and white) Infrared image from the BoM (Bureau of Meterology).

Visible Light Satellite Images

Visible light satellite images Monochrome (black and white) Visible light image from the BoM (Bureau of Meterology).

Synoptic Charts

Synoptic charts Synoptic charts from the BoM (Bureau of Meterology) for the latest Australian Region Mean Sea Level Analysis Chart (What it is now), and the latest Australian Region Mean Sea Level Prognosis Chart (What it is likely to be tomorrow!)


Rainfall maps Monthly to date rainfall charts for Victoria and southern NSW, and the whole of Australia (from the Bureau of Meterology).


Solar radiation charts UV Forecast Chart and Solar Radiation Charts (from the Bureau of Meterology).

*"Note the image times are frequently in UTC, which is 10 hours behind Australian EST. So please add the time difference between UTC and your local time zone, to determine the "real" time of the image."

Additional weather information and links:

Long Range Forecasts and El Nino/La Nina/Southern Oscillation information

Central & Southern Tablelands Weather
An excellent private collection of relevant links and information
Farmweather - Weather Facts By Fax !
"Farmweather is a detailed rural forecast available on demand through Telstra's Infofax system." listing contact 019 fax phone numbers for rural regions and instructions on how to use it. From the Special Services Unit of the Bureau of Meteorology.

CSU Links to Weather Information

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